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Frequently Asked Questions

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    I am having trouble signing up with Tel-Explorer, what do I do?
    Signing up on Tel-Explorer couldn't be made easier. Simply click on one the many links that says sign up on the Main, Features and Benefits pages. Here are some things that could prohibit you from signing up. You are an end user. You have had an account with us previously and exceeded your 1 month trial. There is an error on our part and the form does not complete. You leave some fields blank that are required.(You will be prompted to fill the fields)
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    How do I contact Tel-Explorer?
    Our contact information is appropriately listed on the contact us page, accessible under the navigation menu at the top of this page. If you are unable to reach us by phone or email, please leave a msg and we will assist you as soon as we can. Here are some reasons you may not be able to contact us. Our email server, website server, phones or power in the local area is out. You have dialed the wrong number or misspelled the email address. We are out of the office for various reasons.
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    I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?
    Logging in is quick and easy. If you have already signed up with Tel-Explorer. If for some reason you are unable to log in, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist. Here are some reasons you might not be able to log in. You have mis-typed your username or password. Your account has been disabled by an administrator.( You will be prompted with instructions in this case ) You do not have cookies enabled on your browser. Your date and time are not correctly set to the current day and time. You are trying to use an expired account.

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